"As I was locking my front door the key snapped right off inside. My first thoughts were I don't have the money for new locks. 24 Hour Locksmith Liverpool helped with not only changing the locks, but quoting me a price that I was able to afford. My new locks are amazing!" (Sam L. 05/2011)

"My home was had old locks and I wanted to change them so that I could better lock and open the doors. I was really scared they would break on me one night- probably a rainy one...I also wanted this job done for as reasonable a price as possible. 24 Hour Locksmith Liverpool made that happen. They were very patient as they explained all of the lock choices and the work was great. Their prices were the best i got when shopping around, and they delivered everything the promised! I can whole heartedly recommend their service!" (Jay. S 03/2011)

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